Inspiración Equity Statement:
Inspiración centers equity as an organizational core value, and aspires to promote equity and inclusion in all that we do. Inspiracion is dedicated to the fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all people, while at the same time striving to identify and eliminate barriers that have prevented the full participation of some groups, specifically the historically marginalized Hispanic population of Waco, Texas. Inspiración promotes equity through empowering at-risk Hispanic families to break the cycle of poverty by fostering parenting knowledge and skills that directly impact children’s development.

Our commitment to serve this specific population is based on outcome-driven results with lasting impact of advocating for child well-being, life-long student successes, and, ultimately, systemic change.

Inspiración recognizes that its effectiveness will be enhanced and its mission well served when a focus on promoting diversity, inclusion, and advancing equity is reflected in all aspects of the organization and specifically when we exhibit the following commitments:
Board Membership 
Our Board of Trustees reflects diversity by prioritizing a makeup that shows the richness and skillsets possessed by our targeted audience, Waco’s Hispanic community.
We create and implement programs using our awareness of cultural differences and treat all those served by our organization with respect. We seek input from staff at all levels of the organization and work with a diverse group of stakeholders, including our parents, Waco Independent School District, Transformation Waco, and community partners to ensure that our programs are inclusive.
Policies and Procedures
Our commitment to inclusiveness is evident in our organizational policies and procedures, as part of our strategic plan, and within our organizational goals.
Our staffing at every level of the organization is reflective of Waco’s diverse community. Associated recruitment and hiring practices reflect a commitment to the value of inclusion. We foster a workplace that respects each individual, seeks and values diverse perspectives, and ensures each employee can actively contribute to fulfilling the organization’s mission.
We share our commitment to inclusion as a core value and practice with current and potential donors and encourage donors to consider and embrace these values.
Inspiración hopes that its demonstrated commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion while advancing equity represents an organizational standard that exceeds what is traditionally seen in the nonprofit sector.